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Want a Dave's Coffee Cake every month without the hassle of remembering to order?
Want to give a gift that someone will enjoy year-round?
Want to try a different Coffee Cake each month?
Then the Cake of the Month Membership is just what you are looking for!

For a discounted price, join our Cake of the Month Membership and receive a different Dave's Coffee Cake every month for 12 months! Save over 10% of the total cost by joining! (See the Savings Below.) Flavors to be sent are listed below, so there are no surprises! Our predetermined list of flavors can be found below for each year! Plus, it's really easy to join!

To join, all you have to do is scroll down to the Cake of the Membership logo at the bottom and click "Add to Bag"! Once it's added to your bag, go to the Store and Checkout! Once you have your order number, your order will have been placed! The order will be processed, and your first Cake of the Month will be shipped! 

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Our Cake of the Month Membership has started its 3rd year, and we would like to thank everyone who has participated!
This membership started from a suggestion from a customer who had wanted to surprise her father with a cake every month, and it has grown and blossomed since! We appreciate feedback from our customers and are always looking to make the customer experience as simple as possible!

Cake of the Month Members for the year 2017 Received:

January - Bavarian Cream
February - Chocolate Raspberry
March - Cinnamon Chip
April - Lemon
May - Chocolate Chip
June - Apple Cinnamon Supreme
July - Blueberry Cream Cheese
August - Strawberry
September - Raspberry Cream Cheese
October - Triple Cinnamon
November - Pumpkin
December - Coconut Rum

Our Previous Cakes for 2018 were:

January - Cream Cheese ($15.99)
February - Red Velvet Cream Cheese ($17.99)
March - Apricot ($15.99)
April - Cinnamon Supreme ($16.99)
May - Raspberry Cream Cheese ($16.99)
June - Blueberry ($15.99)
July - 4th of July USA Cake ($17.99)
August - Chocolate Strawberry ($17.99)
September - Triple Cinnamon ($16.99)
October - Apple Cinnamon Supreme ($16.99)
November - Pumpkin Cream Cheese ($16.99)
December - Cherry Cream Cheese ($16.99)

Cakes + Shipping + Tax = $292.52
Cake of the Month Members only paid $261.94!

Our Current Cakes for 2019 are:

January - Cinnamon Chip ($15.99)
February - Triple Chocolate ($17.99)
March - Cream Cheese Pecan ($16.99)
April - Apricot Cream Cheese ($16.99)
May - Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese ($16.99)
June - Banana Walnut ($16.99)
July - 4th of July USA Cake ($17.99)
August - Raspberry Cream Cheese ($16.99)
September - Apple Cinnamon Supreme ($16.99)
October - Caramel Pumpkin ($16.99)
November - Cranberry ($15.99)
December - Red Velvet Cream Cheese ($17.99)

Total of Cakes:  $204.88
Shipping:  $72.00
Tax:  $16.88
TOTAL:  $293.76
Join our Cake of the Month Membership today, and only pay $261.94!