Over the Past 10 Years, we have heard a lot of different questions! Here are answers to the most common:

Where can I buy Dave's Coffee Cakes? How can I order?

Dave's Coffee Cakes can be bought Online, Over the Phone, at events, or bought here in Rock Falls, IL!

Want to buy directly from our staff in your area? Which events can you find Dave's Coffee Cake at? We sell our Hand-Crafted (Prepackaged) Coffee Cakes at different Festivals, Craft Fairs, Arts & Crafts Shows, Farmer's Markets, Flea Markets, and so much more! Dave's Coffee Cake travels all over the US, selling directly to our customers! We are a family owned and operated business, so everyone you see representing us is part of our staff! You can find a full list of our Events for this Weekend on our Home Page (updated every Monday) or on our Facebook Page (updated every Wednesday)! (Click Here to See if We are in Your Area!)
Don't want to leave home? You can order from our Online Store and have Dave's Coffee Cakes shipped right to your home without ever leaving your couch! Find Exclusive Flavors and Online-Only Discounts on our website! (Click Here to Shop!)
Are you not tech savvy or are you having issues? Do you prefer to order from a real person? Call us! Our wonderful staff will take your order right over the phone! We will also automatically apply the highest applicable promo code (discount) available for your order! To Order over the phone, call us at (815) 201-1155 and follow the prompts for "Online Ordering" (press 1)! (You can also reach a staff member at (815) 441-4564 after office hours!)
Passing through the area and want to pick up a Coffee Cake? No problem! You can find Dave's Coffee Cakes at La Familia Restaurant in Rock Falls, IL (located at 201 W 2nd St) or at 2 restaurants (Pizza Joe's and The Panther) on either end of Prophetstown, IL! The 3 restaurants are also owned by Dave Barajas Sr., the owner of Dave's Coffee Cake! Call Us 2-4 days before you pass through, and we can prepare an order just for you! (You tell us which Coffee Cakes you would like to pick up, and our talented bakers will prepare them fresh just for you!)

If I Order Multiple Cakes, Do I get a Discount or Percentage Off my Order?

Yes! Here at Dave's Coffee Cake, the more you buy, the more you save! On our Store Page, you will see a pop-up saying just that! On this pop-up, you will find the different promo codes (or discount codes) that we currently offer! We always offer our standard "BUYTWO" (save $2.00 on 2+ Cakes), "BUYTHREE" (save $3.00 on 3+ Cakes), and "BUYFOUR" (save $5.00 on 4+ Cakes) discounts, plus different promotional offers all year long! (We offer Promotions for Holidays, National Days, and International Days, plus Customer Appreciation Sales!) Our sales are announced via promotional emails, so please make sure you are signed up for our newsletter if you would like the 1st look at our promotions! Promotions are also posted on our Facebook Page and our Online Store! *Please note that the promo codes are applicable to orders going to the SAME Shipping Address! Promo Codes cannot be split between orders, and we are only allowed 1 Shipping Address per Order at this time!

I am Sending a Cake to someone as a Gift! Can I include a Greeting, Message, or Note with the order?

On the item page (where you only see the cake and the "Add to Bag" button), you will see "Gift Tag" followed by "No" or "Yes (+$1.00)". To include a personalized message, please click the bubble by "Yes (+$1.00)". Below that, you will see "Gift Message". This is where you can enter your message! There is no limit to how long or short your message may be, but we highly encourage sending a Gift Message with an Order that you are sending as a gift! (We do NOT include any packing slip or invoice with the order! Without sending a Gift Message, there will be nothing included to indicate who the cake(s) were sent from!) All Gift Messages will then be Hand-Written by our Staff in special cards! Cards will then be placed inside envelopes and addressed "To: NAME" & "From: NAME". Our Staff will tape the envelope to the lid of the cake (on the outside), so that the card is delivered safely with the cake! (We tape it to the container so that the card is delivered with the cake, and so that it is not left in the box at delivery!)

What forms of Payment are Accepted?

Dave's Coffee Cake accepts ALL US-issued Credit Cards (and most internationally-issued Credit Cards)! We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay Cards! Online Orders are currently ONLY processed with a Credit / Debit Card, so please have a card ready for Checkout! (If you want to pay via Check or Money Order for an Online Order, please call us at (815) 201-1155 for assistance!) At events or for pick-up orders, Dave's Coffee Cake will accept Credit / Debit Cards, Cash, or Check (phone number must be on the check)!

I need my cake for a Special Event / Holiday! How far in advance should I Place my Order?

We always recommend ordering well in advance! We recommend placing your order at least a week (7 days) before your desired delivery date! During our busy time of year around the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah), please allow extra delivery time! (At that time of year, we recommend placing your order at least 10 days before your desired delivery date! While we ship USPS Priority Mail, the delivery dates given are only estimates - not guaranteed! The Ordering Process typically takes about 5 Business Days. This means, the order is typically delivered about 5 Business Days from the date that the order is placed! (Business Days are Monday - Friday, not including any Federal or Major US Holidays! This date is NOT guaranteed!) If you are looking to place a Corporate Order or to send cakes to Multiple Addresses (3 or more separate addresses), please call (815) 201-1155 and follow the prompts for Online Ordering! Our staff can help place the order(s) without charging your card multiple times!

What if I am having problems Ordering Online? I need help!

Don't give up! Please contact us immediately! Call us at (815) 201-1155 (press 1 for Online Ordering) for immediate assistance! You may also send us at email to david.barajas@comcast.net or by filling out the Contact Form below! (We will respond and contact you as soon as possible!) Our current Office Hours are 9:00 am until 3:00 pm Monday - Friday! We are closed for most major and federal holidays and on Saturdays and Sundays! (You can also reach our staff after office hours or on the weekends at (815) 441-4564 with any questions or for assistance! This is a direct number to a staff member! If she doesn't answer, please leave a voicemail, and she will get back to you as soon as possible!)

How can I track my order?

When your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email. Within the email, there will be a tracking number. If you ordered 3 or more cakes, there will be multiple tracking numbers separated by a comma. You may copy that tracking number and use USPS.com to track your order.

How do I store my Coffee Cake before eating it? Should I refrigerate it? Can it be frozen?

To store your cake, please leave it on the counter (7-10 days) or freeze it (guaranteed for 90 Days, but can be frozen up to a year)! Please do NOT refrigerate the cakes! Our Cakes freeze VERY well! We guarantee up to 90 days in the freezer, but you can freeze them much longer! If you aren't going to use the cake within the next 3 to 5 days, we recommend freezing it! This allows the cake to have an extended shelf-life after thawing! To thaw, just remove the cake from the freezer and let it thaw on your counter for 1-2 hours! Our cake will taste just as fresh once it has been thawed as it did when you bought it!

Does my Dave's Coffee Cake need to be Baked / Cooked?

All of our products are baked in our Family Owned and Operated bakery in Rock Falls, IL, and are sold as ready-to-eat products! Since our cakes are baked by our gifted bakers, you don't need to bake or cook the cake at all! If you would like to warm the cake, that is your choice. We recommend microwaving it for a few seconds, if desired.

I'm Ordering Online, but I have a PO Box. Do I enter my house address or my PO Box? How are the cakes shipped?

If you are ordering online, please use your PO Box or Postal Address! We ship USPS Priority Mail, so cakes will be delivered the same way your mail is!

I have an allergy to nuts. Should I eat a Dave's Coffee Cake?

Dave's Coffee Cake does NOT recommend anyone with nut allergies to eat our products!  Some of our cakes contain tree nuts and peanuts, and we cannot guarantee all of our cakes are nut-free! (We use Coconut, Peanut Butter Chips, Almonds, Pecans, and Walnuts.) While not all of our cakes have nuts, we do NOT recommend serving to anyone with nut allergies! All of our products are baked in the same facility, where we use Tree Nuts and Peanuts!
If you have a dislike of nuts but are not allergic, please try any of our flavors that do not have nuts listed in the flavor!

I work for / I own a business and we would like to sell your cakes! Do you wholesale? Can we buy and resell to our customers?

We do NOT wholesale! Dave's Coffee Cake is a Family run and operated business, and we are NOT licensed for resale! All cakes must be purchased directly from our staff or through fundraisers (with flyer sales)! Cakes cannot be resold as whole cakes or as slices!


Questions or Concerns not Listed above? 
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